Ohyama – more than 100 years history on cosmetics

OHYAMA was founded in 1921 in Japan.

At that time, we started with a few products such as local soaps and lotions, and now we are distributing more than 15,000 kinds of products to Japanese customers.

Vietnam Ohyama Company Limited currently has more than 200 kinds of cosmetics officially registered through DAV, and distributes safe and secure cosmetics in Vietnam.

Through such experiences, I would like to contribute more to Vietnamese society.

We aim to enrich the people of Vietnam and the country of Vietnam through the distribution of cosmetics and product registration support.

“A more valuable life for people”

What Customer Say

I love Japanese cosmetics but can’t find the trust place to buy. Now I got you. My skin improve a lot. I’m so happy for it.

-VO Valued Customer

Your make up cosmetics are really nice. The technique of eyeliner brush is so great. It’s comfort and smooth.

-VO Valued Customer

We have just started to cooperate with fair condition and policy. I appreciate for your caring on both sides benefit.

– VO Wholesale Customer

Let’s build something together.

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